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Who we are

VibioSphenWho we are


Its principal goal is to develop innovating solutions in infectious diseases. The new way for these therapies is “immunomodulation”.

Our two main objectives are

  • To develop innovating therapies to struggle against pulmonary infections contracted at the hospital
  • To deliver a large panel of mouse model developed in-house or customized

VibioSphen Missions

  • To give an answer to a major issue of public health : antibiotic resistance
  • In-house predictive and customized in vivo pharmaceutical models in infectious diseases and inflammation provides to pharmaceutical industries, Biotechnology Companies and all other private or academic institutes preclinical solutions to evaluate compounds

Our strategies

  • Boosting innate immune system
  • Repositioning molecules in our study area : immunomodulation in infectious diseases

who we are vibiosphen


Our company has two main activities

Research and Innovation : innovating approaches is developed for pulmonary infections, treatments in response to antibiotic resistance by stimulating host defenses.

Research platform : our expertises and in-house capabilities allow VibioSphen to proceed in different scientific domains such as in vivo and in vitro pharmacology in infectious diseases, inflammation and genetically engineered mouse model and molecular biology


Maxime Fontanié : co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
Engineer CNAM -Biology and Executive MBA .
During his 15 years experience, he worked in academic and pharmaceutical company on metabolic disease, obesity, inflammation, infectious diseases research. By his strong molecular biology and genetically engineered mouse expertise, he set up a transgenic service.

Pierre Rouby : co-founder and Chief Technical Officer :
Engineer CNAM -Biology.
He has 22 years experience in in vivo pharmacology at Sanofi. He worked on metabolic disease, obesity, inflammation and infectious area. He is responsible for experimental use of laboratory animals.

Sylvie Sordello : Chief Scientist Officer
PhD – Biology and Physiopathology
During her 19 years experience, she worked in biotech and pharmaceutical companies where she was in charge of drug discovery optimization and preclinical development for projects targeting tumor angiogenesis, obesity/diabetes, inflammation and infectious diseases with small molecules or biotherapeutics and disclosed several patents and publications.

Claudine Serradeil : Head of Research & Innovation Partnerships
Engineer INSA- Biochemistry and Pharmacology
She spent 30 years in the R&D organization at Sanofi from scientist to project team and group leader, she contributed to the development of several drug candidates in the field of GPCR, immuno-inflammation, infectious diseases and disclosed several patents and publications.

Christophe Fremez : Pharmacologist Scientist
Master-2 degrees- Biology
He has experiences on infectious diseases pharmacological models.



Trust and Respect

VibioSphen gets involved to discuss with their customers to understand and fit their needs and provide them technical, scientific advices. Services provided must correspond to their scientific objectives. VibioSphen puts in place a scientific board :

Pr Philippe VALET, Institut des Maladies Métaboliques et Cardiovasculaires – I2MC – INSERM/UPS UMR1048, Professor at Paul Sabatier University of Toulouse and Director of Biology-Health-biotechnology PhD School (TBSB).

Pr Jean-luc GUERIN, Veterinary (ENV Toulouse), PhD, Virology (Paris XI), UMR INRA-ENVT 1225 Interactions Hôtes Agents Pathogènes (IHAP) – Team leader.

Mariette DUCATEZ, PhD, UMR INRA-ENVT 1225 Interactions Hôtes Agents Pathogènes (IHAP)

Yara BARREIRA, PhD, Referent Veterinary, Director of Functional Exploration and Experimental Resources Research Regional – Inserm/UPS – US006 /CREFRE, Director of Anexplo Genotoul platform.

Geneviève TAVERNIER, PhD, Assitant Director of Anexplo Genotoul platform and Manager of embryo tranfer department.


VibioSphen has certified laboratories and facilities (ISO 9001 version 2008). The company provides necessary skilled and trained individuals to perform the Services. A collaboration with a biostatistics company ensures the quality of the results and validated data.


VibioSphen respects ethical rules described in European directive (2010/63/UE). The project is approved by the French Research Ministry and all procedures are validated by ethical committee of Prologue Biotech.
Collaboration and partnerships

VibioSphen collaborates with INRA. The company wants to share skills, know-how, tools and facilities.